Bondar Rosé 2020


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Features 95% Grenache and 5% Cinsault, with the Grenache sourced from both Bondar’s 40-plus-year-old sandy Estate vineyard and another local grower, and the Cinsault from their new plantings near Blewitt Springs. All sites are farmed sustainably, with minimal chemical inputs. The latter portion of Grenache is fermented cooler, with some solids in stainless steel, to preserve brightness and purity of fruit. The Estate fruit were fermented warmer in old oak to build mouthfeel and savoury aromatics. Taken together, these two components form a wine marked by both brightness and depth.

The 2020 vintage was one for the history books. It will be remembered for the raging bushfires that devastated huge areas of this country. And yet McLaren Vale was largely unaffected, with no fires within the region, and no smoke taint detected across any of Bondar’s (or their growers’) grapes. While the beginning of the ripening season saw some heat events, the later months of the summer were actually some of the coolest on record for our region, making this a more savoury rosé than in previous years.