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From 1996, Denis Mortet no longer used weed killers or chemical fertilizers. He ploughed the soil and vine shoots were crushed on-site to make an organic soil-enricher. He left Arnaud  a solid base in the vineyard to enable him to work well right from the start, fine-tuning it increasingly each year with experience and observation. Before being made in the cellar, wine is made in the vineyard with loose, excellent soils, which enable vines to plunge their roots down deeply.

Mortet uses horses, ploughs less to protect the structure of the and works organically and sustainably in the vineyard. Lastly, there remains one essential procedure  that is trimming with clippers. Arnaud invests heavily in taking on staff during the summer, 2017, they trimmed with clippers 12 of the 16 hectares and that’s enormous!

In the winery everything begins with natural yeasts. Vatting time lasts between 18 and 20 days, barely a fortnight for small quantity wines like Chambertin. The use of cap punching and sulphur are considered. Oak selection is left to the expertise of Mortet’s coopers and maturation lasts anywhere between 16 and 18 months. All of this means the wines can be enjoyed young while possessing all the characteristics for ageing.

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