Pierre Gaillard

Pierre Gaillard

If there was a Guild of Master Northern Rhône Wine Craftsmen, Pierre Gaillard would probably be the president. Be it a St Joseph, a Côte Rôtie or Condrieu, every time you open a bottle with his name on it you know you are going to get a thrilling, bristling expression of the site from where it came. That’s his thing. There is no dead weight in the Gaillard cellar and each wine offers precision and purity of fruit. This is not to suggest Gaillard is a technocrat. Far from it. He has great vineyards, infectious passion, makes good decisions and possesses a dirt under the fingernails grit which means that most of the hard work has been done before the fruit arrives in the cellar.

Gaillard is now reckoned in France to be among the Northern Rhone’s best winemakers.

The quality of fruit he harvests, allied with his fine touch in the cellar, results in some of the most evocative, flavoursome and stylish Northern Rhône wines going around.

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