Domaine Madeloc Cirera Banyuls Rouge 2013

Cicera means ‘cherry’ in Catalan. The grapes are given a long, slow maceration for maximum extraction, before the fortifying alcohol is added. To preserve fruit, freshness and impact, the wine is bottled soon after harvest, usually within the year. Made from predominately Grenache, with 100 g/l residual sugar and aged in 30-hl casks (15% new) for a minimum of 10 months, this vintage Banyuls is a creamy, chocolatey wine that is velvety, inky and pure, with no alcoholic “heat” to speak of. Notes of the ocean creep in adding a welcome savoury edge. One of the few wines that is a perfect match with chocolate and chocolate based dishes. Chocolate fondant would be ideal, though even a richly sauced Panna Cotta would work. Produced by Pierre Gaillard.