Robert Weil

Robert Weil

The Rheingau was historically Germany’s most revered vineyard region and once produced the world’s most expensive wines. You only need to glance at a wine map of Germany to see why. The Rheingau is a series of sheer, south facing, rocky slopes that maximise exposure to the sun and protect the vines from the bitter northern winds. It is this confluence of natural elements that enables Riesling to perfectly ripen at this very marginal, northern climate.

Based in the town of Kiedrich, Weil’s wines are fuelled by the three epic, high altitude, south facing vineyards of Klosterberg, Turmberg and most famously, Gräfenberg, all situated in the foothills of the Taunus Mountains. From these historic sites, Wilhelm Weil, a pioneer of ‘earth to glass’ wine growing, guides Rheingau Riesling to its most seamless, precise expression and in doing so produces some of the world’s most inspirational Rieslings. They are exotically fruity, steely, lemony and mineral wines that reflects the terroir of vineyards that are side by side.

2018 (offered today) was a warmer year with strong yields, producing ripe and expressive wines. In the hands of Robert Weil there is something exhilarating about the delicious fruit, jaw sapping mineral salinity and exhaltant mouth feel of each sip. I love Riesling and I love Robert Weil wines. The instantly recognizable powder blue label, the confidence I feel when I serve these wines at all price points, happy days in the restaurant! Enjoy!

“Robert Weil has been one of the icons of German wine culture for many years. Nothing but the finest Rieslings are produced. And as more than 100 years ago, the wines are distinguished in terms of their origins and their style.”
Stephan Reinhardt. The Finest Wines of Germany

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