Algueira Brandan 2017


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This crystalline, fleshy Godello comes from a terraced vineyard that has been painstakingly restored by Algueira’s Fernando González. This vineyard lies on the cooler, north facing Orense bank of the River Sil, the opposite side to most of Algueira’s holdings. Here the 30 to 80 year old vines are rooted in the losa (schist) soils of the Amandi gorge. The name of the wine pays tribute to the Celtic ancestry of the region by the way (Brandan was a Celtic warlord who originally settled the area). Fermented with natural yeasts only and aged entirely without oak, it’s a layered, fleshy Godello with vibrant citrus and white peach fruit and a round, juicy personality. It?s a quality born of a special place, precise, low yield viticulture and traditional, low input winemaking.